APUPA - the Austrian Pressure Ulcer Prevention Association - was founded in 2008 by an expert group together with interested individuals.

The association serves as a platform for a solution-oriented debate on the prevention of pressure ulcers (i.e. bedsores) in which research will play an integral role. This research will enable the establishment of a sound knowledge base for practice. The research outcomes and recommendations will then be applied in the respective areas of nursing practice.

The association was founded as a Non Profit Organisation.

Statistik Austria
1) states that Austria's population will continue to grow in the future. The population's age demography profile is clearly shifting towards an increase in older people in need of care.

Experiential knowledge shows us that there is a lack of knowledge and awareness in the area of 'pressure ulcers'. These are some of the reasons why the founders of APUPA decided to become active in the field of pressure ulcer prevention.

Timely and especially customised medical and nursing measures can keep those at risk from contracting pressure ulcers. This would not only spare those affected much pain and suffering, it would also have a substantial beneficial economic effect (cost reduction).

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