APUPA Membership

All individuals who support the concept and aims of the Association may become members. The Board shall decide on member admission.
  Types of membership:  
Full Members (persons who are fully engaged in the Association's activities)

Associate Members (persons who support the Association through financial contributions)

Honorary Members (persons who are elected due to extraordinary contributions towards the Association)
  Annual membership fee  
Full Members: € 50.00
Associate Members:
  Industry:  € 1,000.00
  Health care institution and hospitals:
  up to 300 beds € 300.00
  300 - 600 beds € 600.00
  over 600 beds € 1.000.00

Reduced membership fee for pupils/students/pensioners: €25.00
  Application for membership  
  Please send the below form to the stated address. You will receive a reply to your application within two weeks of receipt.

Registration is possible at all times the annual membership covers the period from January to December.

The membership is extended to January once the annual membership fee is paid but the membership will expire if the membership fee is not paid within four weeks.
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